[Nostalgic] Taipei Timelapse Video

Since I visited Taipei for the first time in 2014 ago for business trip, the city has been on my to-revisit-list. Yes, 4 days (and 1 effective day) is not enough to explore a city like Taipei. There are places I haven’t visited yet.

One day, someone named Petty Poh mentioned me on Twitter and shared me Vimeo link to her video called Taipei Timelapse. But since Vimeo is blocked by super smart people in Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, I suggested her to post on YouTube as well so more Indonesian people can also enjoy watching it.

Until today, I lost count on how many times I re-watch the video. I miss exploring new places and particularly, I miss Taipei. But I’m lucky enough that I’ll be visiting the city this month, not only once but TWICE.

Sunglass Wakatobi Eyewear  untuk Traveling

Sunglass Wakatobi Eyewear untuk Traveling

Saat jalan-jalan outdoor, saya lebih sering menikmati warna alam seperti apa adanya tanpa menggunakan sunglass. Namun belakangan ini muncul kebutuhan untuk menggunakan sunglass terutama kalau jalan-jalan di bawah panas terik. Sayangnya, sunglass Calvin Klein yang saya miliki (hadiah dari ACI Detik 2010 :mrgreen: ) masih menggunakan lensa normal jadi kurang nyaman dipakai lama-lama.

Beberapa waktu lalu seorang teman mengenalkan dengan Wakatobi Eyewear, merek kacamata local yang tak hanya menyediakan frame dengan model-model masa kini, namun juga sunglass dengan lensa custom. Menariknya lagi, kita bisa memesan online dan barang dikirim dalam waktu cepat.

Website Wakatobi Eyewear sudah e-shopping friendly. Memilih kacamata dan pemesanan bisa dilakukan langsung di sana. Karena tujuan utama adalah memiliki sunglass dengan lensa minus, maka kita bisa menyertakan prescription dari optik/dokter mata. Read more

Visiting Mother Ship in Taipei

Visiting Mother Ship in Taipei

Been working for a multinational company for almost 3 years, I finally got an opportunity to attend a regional meeting in Taiwan. Last month, I finally visited Acer HQ in Taipei, our mother ship.

It was a very short visit, only 5 days and 4 nights with 2 days spent only for the overseas trip. With two-full-days meeting in between, I had only approximately 1 day to explore Taipei and its surrounding area. I had no particular plan in mind thought except to visit Taipei 101 building (once was the tallest building in the world) and to find penis cake at Shilin Night Market hahaha. On top of it, I was totally available and open for any spontaneous and unplanned trip, and lucky me I had pleasant days while in Taiwan.

Taipei 101 covered by evening mist

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Belitung, I’m Coming!

Belitung, I’m Coming!

Tiket gratis dari Garuda!

Like some of us, I’ve been dreaming of visiting Belitung Island after reading Laskar Pelangi novels (followed by the movie). To visit and see it is one of my bucket list in 2014.

It wasn’t until last month when I decided to make this trip. It started with a notification from Garuda Miles informing that my mileages will be expired in end of May. So I thought, why not spending it for a Belitung trip? We’re so lucky to have this many public holidays in last week of May.

As recommended by my friend, I contacted a local tour Wisata Kita. They have various local tours packages including Belitung trip. This will be my first time using their service. I’ll share my review later on this blog.

See you!

Meet My Pinoy  Fellas in Singapore

Meet My Pinoy Fellas in Singapore

What’s more fun than walking around in the city you’re visiting?


It’s always fun to meet and hang out with locals or fellow travelers. On my last Singapore trip, I managed to meet my not-so-local friends: Kris and Cyra. They’re Filipinos who currently live and work in Singapore.  We hang out together in Siem Reap couple years ago at Blogfest Asia event.

Lunch with Kris at Swensen’s

My 2nd day trip started by taking my mom to Orchard Road, a must-visit place for her. We spent couple hours on mall to mall adventure before having lunch at Swensen’s at ION Orchard. Based on research I did, the place was listed at one of halal restaurants in Singapore. So, I texted Kris and invited him to have lunch with us.

Lunch with Kris at Swensen’s

It was around 12 PM when Kris showed up in his gym clothes. He looked a bit sleepy but still cute, I was so happy to finally see him again after last time we met on his visit to Jakarta.

We talked about so many things; about his experience being a talent for his hotel’s commercial video (hahaha), his puppy, high living cost in Singapore and why my mother wears veil while I’m not. He said, “oh maybe because you’re not as holy as your mom”. Shoot.

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I’m Coming to #WegoHangout: It’s Home

I’m Coming to #WegoHangout: It’s Home

After months of kopdar-lack and trip-less, I finally got time to take a short getaway. This time is to one of the busiest cities on the weekend: Bandung. Thanks to @madalkatiri who makes it possible.

Tual, Home for @madalkatiri

Earlier this month, I received an exclusive invitation to attend another #WegoHangout. Oh see how that “exclusive” word on its title has moved us to come haha. A bit different from its previous events, this time they’re bringing it to Bandung. So I thought, why not go to Bandung and have so fun there?

So here I am now, on a bus heading to Bandung along with other invitees. I’ve met some of them since Mad invited many ACI 2010 finalists. There will be 8-10 guest speakers from various cities in Indonesia sharing about their hometown.

The event will take place at Maja House, Bandung this afternoon. We’re also scheduled to visit #BragaCulinaryNight! Oh I’m so frikking excited!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, join the conversation on this hashtag #WegoHangout. I’ll try to livetweet, if I’m not too busy selfie-ing and networking with other fellas.