Aplikasi Rute Transportasi Umum di Singapore

Aplikasi Rute Transportasi Umum di Singapore

Dua kali berkunjung ke Singapore, cukup untuk menyimpulkan bahwa transportasi umumnya telah didesain sedemikian rupa hingga benar-benar memudahkan penggunanya baik turis maupun warganya. Mereka memiliki moda yang bervariasi sesuai kebutuhan pengguna, pun petunjuk penggunaannya disajikan dalam berbagai bahasa (Inggris, Cina, India dan Melayu).

Untuk memaksimalkan waktu berkunjung yang singkat, maka pemilihan rute transportasi harus direncanakan baik-baik. Googling, research and take notes. Ini rumus wajib untuk turis budget di manapun. Khusus pada trip ke Singapore lalu, saya sangat terbantu oleh website dan aplikasi berikut ini:

Aplikasi Go There Singapore
  1. Everything starts with Google
    It applies to everything, I’d say. Saat di hotel, saya googling “how to get to merlion from bugis”, Google langsung menampilkan Maps, Direction, alamat tujuan dan durasi perjalanan. Just make sure to use the right keywords (in English). Check the keywords structure above as well.
  2. Street directory
    Setelah Googling, saya juga menggunakan Street Directory via mobile browser. Website ini menampilkan lokasi dan jarak stasiun MRT terdekat, jumlah stasiun yang akan dilewati dan jalur MRT yang harus diambil. Namun situs ini tidak menampilkan info tarif, karena itu saya lebih merekomendasikan aplikasi GoThere.Sg.
  3. Go there.sg
    Aplikasi gothere.sg adalah salah satu app wajib baik untuk turis maupun warga. Bisa diakses lewat mobile browser (ringan banget btw) atau instal aplikasinya sekalian. Interface awalnya hanya terdiri dari dua kolom yaitu “From” dan “To” dan button Go There. Aplikasi ini akan memberikan alternatif rute berdasarkan mode transportasi yang dipilih, tarif dan perkiraan waktu hingga ke satuan menit.

    Bila kita memilih moda taksi, app ini bahkan memberikan info mengenai tarif Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) yang berlaku sesuai jam . ERP adalah tarif yang diberlakukan untuk pengendara yang ingin melewati jalur berbayar pada jam sibuk. Tujuannya apalagi kalau bukan untuk menghindari kemacetan di Singapore. Selengkapnya baca lebih lanjut di halaman ERP LTA Singapore.

Namun, teman yang tinggal di Singapore memberikan tips untuk jangan terlalu terpatok pada panduan peta MRT. Kadang rute tertentu sebenarnya dekat meskipun di peta kelihatan jauh (karena melewati satu-dua stasiun). Misalnya dari Merlion Park ke Gardens by the Bay, kita harus melewati dua stasiun dan satu bis. But in fact, aslinya tidak sejauh itu menurut Kris yang biasa lari sore di area sana.

Nah, ada rekomendasi website atau aplikasi yang lain untuk jalan-jalan di Singapore? Bagi infonya di sini dong!

Cooking Class at L’Osteria Jakarta

Cooking Class at L’Osteria Jakarta

Ordinary food blogger meet-up usually consist of these activities: taking food pics, eat, livetweeting. But what if you were just an amateur cook, got invited to join a cooking class at a real Italian restaurant? Challenge accepted.

Our government decided to give a bonus, by making our last Legislative Election Day (April 9, 2014) as public holiday. I was expecting a usual lazy day at home when Chichi texted me and invited to an unusual blogger meet-up. A gathering at an Italian restaurant in Jakarta called L’Osteria!

So, after fulfilling my obligation as a good citizen a.k.a nyoblos, then me & Suprie heading to Jakarta to meet the gank. Italian pizza and pasta, we’re coming!

L’Osteria was opened around end of 2013. It’s a nice restaurant with a homey ambiance. They have an open kitchen so guests can watch the cooking process. That’s where the blogger cooking class took place.

Guided by Chef Somad, a group of bloggers started session one cooking class. He made cooking spaghetti seems very simple! Well, actually it’s not that simple as it seems as the sauce has been prepared before. We cooked Spaghetti Alnero di Sepia, one of their signature meals. It’s spaghetti with black ink squid with tomato sauce. Chef Somad added fried dumpling as garnish. Cute!

Our friends also got the chance to participate on parallel cooking class with different menu: pizza and Mista di Pesce con Patate. There were 3 different meals cooked at the cooking class that day. We ate all the food together and all taste delicious. Eventho it was cooked by the bloggers where most of us were amateur cooks!

This is it, Spaghetti Alnero di Sepia!
@nagacentil & @fairyteeth at Pizza Class

Done with the cooking class, then it’s time to try other food. My favorite was Pizza 4 Formagio with mixed cheese (taligio, mozzarella, Gorgonzola and emmental cheese). Eat it while it’s hot and enjoy the melted cheese in your mouth. Delizioso!

Come to their restaurant and try it by yourself! As for the drink, if you love mocktail, I’d recommend you to try their Happy mocktail as well.

L’Osteria Jakarta
Jalan Ciranjang no. 21
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 7269016

Photos by: Goenrock

#WegoHangout at Maja House, Bandung

#WegoHangout at Maja House, Bandung

After a long long traffic on our way to Bandung (and in Bandung itself), we finally reached Maja House, #WegoHangout venue where we spent our fun Saturday afternoon gathering, eating and taking pictures.

Wego Hangout at Maja House, Bandung


Maja House itself is a restaurant and bar serving local and western menu. Located in Jalan Sersan Bajuri, it’s now one of the most popular hangout places in town. It’s located up the hill so guests can enjoy astonishing view of Dago area from their balcony. The ambiance was just perfect, even though a bit cold because it was raining. I’d recommend taking outside dining area rather than inside.

A cup of afternoon tea?


At #WegoHangout event, food was served in buffet style. Starving after the not-so-long-trip from Jakarta, we just attacked the buffet while doing networking session with fellow travelers.

Gathering session was started by Diyan, the first presenter sharing story about his hometown Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. Six other presenters then sharing stories about various wonderful places, from Bandung to Lombok, Soroako to West Australia.

The gathering session finished at sundown. Wego team brought us all to Braga Culinary Night. Nah, BCN is weekly event at Jalan Braga where you can taste various local culinary every Saturday night. There were some of local booths selling similar snacks like grilled sausage, seblak or cimol.  No wonder, those three are now the most popular street food in Bandung, you can also find them in other cities like Bogor as well.

At BCN, I had a 20 cm grilled sausage for snacking. As for meal, I tried the famous Nasi Goreng Rendang from Rendang Nenek. Both are delicious, totally recommended.

It was a super fun Saturday in Bandung. Thanks so much Wego team for inviting us. Please please do another Wego hangout outside Jakarta. Well, Lombok perhaps?

Maja House’s address
Jalan Sersan Bajuri No.72
Cihideung Bandung

I’m Coming to #WegoHangout: It’s Home

I’m Coming to #WegoHangout: It’s Home

After months of kopdar-lack and trip-less, I finally got time to take a short getaway. This time is to one of the busiest cities on the weekend: Bandung. Thanks to @madalkatiri who makes it possible.

Tual, Home for @madalkatiri

Earlier this month, I received an exclusive invitation to attend another #WegoHangout. Oh see how that “exclusive” word on its title has moved us to come haha. A bit different from its previous events, this time they’re bringing it to Bandung. So I thought, why not go to Bandung and have so fun there?

So here I am now, on a bus heading to Bandung along with other invitees. I’ve met some of them since Mad invited many ACI 2010 finalists. There will be 8-10 guest speakers from various cities in Indonesia sharing about their hometown.

The event will take place at Maja House, Bandung this afternoon. We’re also scheduled to visit #BragaCulinaryNight! Oh I’m so frikking excited!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, join the conversation on this hashtag #WegoHangout. I’ll try to livetweet, if I’m not too busy selfie-ing and networking with other fellas.

Where to Eat in Siem Reap

Where to Eat in Siem Reap

Aside from the magnificent Angkor Wat Archaeological Park and its vibrant night life in Pub Street, Siem Reap offer various places to enjoy good foods. As a popular tourists destination, they provide not only local foods, but also western and Asian food for us to relish our culinary experience.

Chicken Amok in Amok Restaurant

Amok Restaurant
On my first day, a friend suggested to try amok, a Khmer traditional food. It’s a coconut milk-based curry with fish/chicken/meat and vegetables served with steam rice. Its taste reminds me to opor/gulai (in Indonesia), but not as strong as gulai. We ate in Amok Restaurant, located on an alley in Pub Street, which claim themselves as the best Amok restaurant in Cambodia. I love the restaurant’s atmosphere with lovely floral table clothes and floral dress their waitresses wore. Try their Mango Juice, it’s super fresh!

Le Tigre de Papier
It was one of the cafes where we spent our night in Pub Street. On our third night, we were looking for a 24 hours cafe which provide coffee and internet connection since we had a presentation to make. We found this cafe still opened til 12 AM so it’s recommended for you who need free and fast internet connection when you in Pub Street.

FCC Angkor
As Blogfest Asia participants, we were invited to attend a formal dinner held in FCC Angkor Restaurant on Pokambor Avenue. It was a nice restaurant with bar, local boutique and outdoor dining tables, nicely decorated with pool. They serve local, Asian and western food. And oh, the wine was good! Too bad I can’t remember what wine was served during the dinner.

Cyra with set meals in Maharajah

Maharajah Taste of India
On the 2nd day of Blogfest Asia event, a friend asked us to find halal food for lunch. So Anirudh recommended Maharajah, an Indian restaurant located on Sivutha Boulevard within walking distance from the Phsar Chas (Old Market) accros the Terrasse des Eléphants Hotel.

Just like many other restaurants in Siem Reap, the prices are listed in US dollars but still you can choose whether you want to pay in USD or Cambodian Riel. I ordered Chicken Curry served with rice, which its taste reminds me to similar food I had in Pakistan back in 2011.

They served in quite large portion, good for food-sharing with friends. How large? Please see below picture hahaha!

The Blue Pumpkin
The Blue Pumpkin (TBP) combine bakery, cafe and ice cream parlor. You can find their chained cafes spread in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and maybe in other cities in Cambodia. I love their Apple Tart and Mojito (they were quite cheap, by the way). Read my full review on TBP here: Cool Hangout Place.

The Soup Dragon

Oh try The Soup Dragon should you want to try Asian cuisines. It’s located on Corner Pub Street and 2 Thnou St, Siem Reap. The Soup Dragon is a fine dining restaurant serve western food and Asian cuisines like Vietnamese, Thailand and also Cambodian. So yes, they serve various menu fits for group with various interests. I ate Vietnamese menu, chicken cooked with ginger. This is where we had our last lunch in Siem Reap, along with bunch of people from Blogfest Asia 2012.

Do you have any other recommendations on where to eat while in Siem Reap? Let me know! I might be going back there as I love the city so much!

On a Bus to Phnom Penh

On a Bus to Phnom Penh

Some people say that the most important part of traveling is not the destination, but the journey itself. It’s how the way we reach the destination. It’s all that we see during the trip. It’s how we enjoy every step we walk. It’s how we color every seconds of it, with lots of laughs or meaningful conversations.

On top of that, a fun travel companion could be a great addition to our journey. Or simply makes it more memorable.

A fun travel companion could be anyone. He could be someone traveling with you since the beginning. He could be someone you met at the airport. He could also be a doctor who accidentally sharing a seat with you on a bus to Phnom Penh.

What makes a fun conversation, fun? It could be anything, like interesting topics, willingness to talk or simply your current mood.

When it comes to talk with stranger, not everyone feels comfort doing it. There’s always resistance to “open” ourselves, even for simple things like telling our first name or where we come from. But a fun travel companion somehow makes us feel safe and comfort finding topics to chat. Then without you even realized, you can hear yourself talking too much about yourself, what brought you to the city, where are you heading to and what do you love about Cambodia.

Discussing current weather could be boring. I know. It never works for me.

You might started the convo by asking the ticket price. But once you feel comfort to chat, the topics could be anything like the movie that being played by the bus operator, what kind of phone do you use or how expensive the hotel rate in Siem Reap. In less than one hour, you found yourself discussing serious things like why did he choose radiology over other specializations or three main problems that most people face at their 30-ish age. Some personal things like why haven’t you married yet, or how do we compromise the peer-pressure stressing us to marry soon.

It was something inside him that made any topics sounds interesting. And a great travel companion like this that makes your short trip even more memorable.

I regret our very short meeting at Tuol Sleng. I should’ve asked for your email.