Cooking Class at L’Osteria Jakarta

Ordinary food blogger meet-up usually consist of these activities: taking food pics, eat, livetweeting. But what if you were just an amateur cook, got invited to join a cooking class at a real Italian restaurant? Challenge accepted.

Our government decided to give a bonus, by making our last Legislative Election Day (April 9, 2014) as public holiday. I was expecting a usual lazy day at home when Chichi texted me and invited to an unusual blogger meet-up. A gathering at an Italian restaurant in Jakarta called L’Osteria!

So, after fulfilling my obligation as a good citizen a.k.a nyoblos, then me & Suprie heading to Jakarta to meet the gank. Italian pizza and pasta, we’re coming!

L’Osteria was opened around end of 2013. It’s a nice restaurant with a homey ambiance. They have an open kitchen so guests can watch the cooking process. That’s where the blogger cooking class took place.

Guided by Chef Somad, a group of bloggers started session one cooking class. He made cooking spaghetti seems very simple! Well, actually it’s not that simple as it seems as the sauce has been prepared before. We cooked Spaghetti Alnero di Sepia, one of their signature meals. It’s spaghetti with black ink squid with tomato sauce. Chef Somad added fried dumpling as garnish. Cute!

Our friends also got the chance to participate on parallel cooking class with different menu: pizza and Mista di Pesce con Patate. There were 3 different meals cooked at the cooking class that day. We ate all the food together and all taste delicious. Eventho it was cooked by the bloggers where most of us were amateur cooks!

This is it, Spaghetti Alnero di Sepia!
@nagacentil & @fairyteeth at Pizza Class

Done with the cooking class, then it’s time to try other food. My favorite was Pizza 4 Formagio with mixed cheese (taligio, mozzarella, Gorgonzola and emmental cheese). Eat it while it’s hot and enjoy the melted cheese in your mouth. Delizioso!

Come to their restaurant and try it by yourself! As for the drink, if you love mocktail, I’d recommend you to try their Happy mocktail as well.

L’Osteria Jakarta
Jalan Ciranjang no. 21
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 7269016

Photos by: Goenrock

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