Meet My Pinoy Fellas in Singapore

What’s more fun than walking around in the city you’re visiting?


It’s always fun to meet and hang out with locals or fellow travelers. On my last Singapore trip, I managed to meet my not-so-local friends: Kris and Cyra. They’re Filipinos who currently live and work in Singapore.  We hang out together in Siem Reap couple years ago at Blogfest Asia event.

Lunch with Kris at Swensen’s

My 2nd day trip started by taking my mom to Orchard Road, a must-visit place for her. We spent couple hours on mall to mall adventure before having lunch at Swensen’s at ION Orchard. Based on research I did, the place was listed at one of halal restaurants in Singapore. So, I texted Kris and invited him to have lunch with us.

Lunch with Kris at Swensen’s

It was around 12 PM when Kris showed up in his gym clothes. He looked a bit sleepy but still cute, I was so happy to finally see him again after last time we met on his visit to Jakarta.

We talked about so many things; about his experience being a talent for his hotel’s commercial video (hahaha), his puppy, high living cost in Singapore and why my mother wears veil while I’m not. He said, “oh maybe because you’re not as holy as your mom”. Shoot.

Dinner with Cyra at Satay by the Bay

I told Cyra that I wanted to take my mom to Gardens by the Bay. I said the ticket was a bit expensive ahahaha but she told my that we don’t have to go inside just to enjoy its wonderful view. “Come at night and have dinner there”, she said.

So I found Satay by the Bay, listed as halal restaurant in Singapore too, located in Gardens by the Bay area. At first, I thought it was a fancy fine dining restaurant with bay view. Turned out it was an outdoor dining area –like food court- with various food hawkers. We found couple of satay sellers (both halal and non-halal), so maybe that’s why the place was named as Satay by the Bay.

I ordered chicken satay for me and my mom from an Indian seller there. It costs 6 SGD  equal to 57k in rupiahs. Compared to Indonesian satay, meat was bigger and the sauce was more sweet.

Dinner with miss Cyra

Cyra finally came when we almost finished our dinner.  She looked a bit “healthier” ehehehe sure it was the side effect for having chef as boyfriend :mrgreen: We talked all night walking, took the bus and MRT to Chinatown, lost in Chinatown area (because I forgot the exit gate) and finally rest at the hostel’s lobby.

Having talked with them, I found that living in Singapore could be exhausting and fun too. Yes the living cost maybe higher than Manila or even Jakarta, but then you’ll probably get better offer too. Kris told me that salary of work for 1-2 years in Singapore can get his friend affords home and car in Manila. It sounds tempting as I don’t get paid that much here. He also said that it’s very difficult for Singaporeans to afford car there. But again, who needs car if your government provides public transportation so well like in Singapore?

I always want to live in developed country like Singapore, that’s on my bucket list. I just haven’t tried my luck yet. But I don’t know if I could handle the Singaporeans regular way of life. When we got lost in Chinatown, Cyra said, “I’m sorry for the organization of Singapore”. If we were in Jakarta, we could just stop anywhere and take an ojek (motorcycle) ride. Singaporeans can’t do this.

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