[Nostalgic] Taipei Timelapse Video

Since I visited Taipei for the first time in 2014 ago for business trip, the city has been on my to-revisit-list. Yes, 4 days (and 1 effective day) is not enough to explore a city like Taipei. There are places I haven’t visited yet.

One day, someone named Petty Poh mentioned me on Twitter and shared me Vimeo link to her video called Taipei Timelapse. But since Vimeo is blocked by super smart people in Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, I suggested her to post on YouTube as well so more Indonesian people can also enjoy watching it.

Until today, I lost count on how many times I re-watch the video. I miss exploring new places and particularly, I miss Taipei. But I’m lucky enough that I’ll be visiting the city this month, not only once but TWICE.

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